Yogurt and Natto contain lactic acid bacteria.As many of you know, lactic acid bacteria can improve immune system and lead us to have healthy body.Same thing goes to farmed fish and livestock.It is very important that lactic acid bacteria can reach to intestine while they are still alive. However most of them will die before they arrive to intestine. 「"How can we bring live lactic acid bacteria to human's intestine?"After many researches and experiments, we came up with the dietary supplements that were grew and fermented by bamboo.
Bamboo fibers have many holes. (Porous structure)By fermenting lactic acid bacteria in these holes, we can bring these live bacteria to the human’s intestine.
Using bamboo as the mushroom bed, lactic acid bacteria can reach intestine while they are still alive and it can improve immune system.
Mixing bamboo and this lactic acid bacteria supplement into the food when feeding farmed fish,can lead them to have better immune system and avoid them from getting illness.can help absorb nutrition efficiently. Often people say it helps improve the quality of meat.
*There are individual differences in effect.This does not guarantee the effects of this supplement.
Lactic acid bacteria can only live about a week in the intestine. Stress and aging can cause good bacteria in the intestine to decrease.Therefore mixing the supplement into the food everyday

Therefore mixing the supplement into the food everyday will make healthy body and better quality of meat.Every product contains powder of bamboo and oligosaccharide to help lactic acid bacteria to work efficiently.Very new types of lactic acid bacteria feed .Each of them blended perfectly for farmed fish, livestock, and agriculture
Bamboo powder
Domestic Moso Bamboo
It contains a lot of fibers that stay in the digestive system loner, so that lactic acid bacteria can work efficiently. The antibacterial activity and mineral that it has can expect to improve health and reduce stress.Active ingredient (Phenol, lavonoid etc..) to deodorize and have antibacterial activity.
Lactic acid bacteria
Lactobacillus casei etc.. Two kinds
Approved by ministry of agriculture
Improve digestive system to make everything balanced.
Improve immune system to avoid illness before it occurs.Make fish, livestock, and soil healthy.